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Author Karen Stoff writes literary, upmarket, commercial fiction and might one day dive into historical fiction, thrillers, or even non-fiction. It all depends on what sparks her imagination enough for her to sit at a desk and plot something. Just one class away from a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree, she's anxious to query her latest work and compose short stories worthy of publication. A 24-year Air Force veteran, Karen now lives in Texas but remains loyal to her home state's Kansas Jayhawks basketball team...just ask her about them on a bike ride, and you'll get 30-miles worth of commentary.

In Karen's "work in progress" novel, Memory Errors, a programmer channels her grief over her mother’s Alzheimer’s decline into an artificial intelligence project that will ensure the mother she wants to remember remains a part of her daily life. When the AI Mom tells her new information about her mother’s past, the program meant for comfort turns into a problem.

          Status: In revision

Karen published a non-fiction short story titled "A Bouquet of Pennies" in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of the GNU Journal.

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