Vocostoff provides editing services at an hourly rate dependent upon the type of edit requested and length of manuscript (lengths over 100,000 words will not be accepted). Our primary editor, Karen Stoff, has over 24-years of senior and executive level management/leadership experience and learned through trial and error the power of words. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing degree and other graduate degrees. She has experience using the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS). Karen has started an Editing Certificate program from the UC Berkeley Extension. She can focus on any of the following edits:

1. Developmental: A macro-look at a manuscript focusing on point-of-view, tense, plot and character arcs, subplots, tension, pace, and dialogue. The edit assesses order, flow, and consistency, too.

2. Substantive: A chapter and paragraph look at a manuscript which tightens the story and character arcs and ensures consistent style throughout the piece with significant emphasis on how information advances the plot or develops characters. The editor develops a comprehensive style sheet.

3. Line: A sentence-by-sentence review to analyze word choices and the ability of a sentence to provide concise narrative or dialogue. The editor polishes syntax and trims sentences or points out where an author must provide additional words for clarification. Use of an existing style sheet ensures consistency with edits and re-verifies compliance to its rule-sets.

4. Copyedit: A word-level review of the manuscript focuses on spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation. If provided a style sheet, the editor also performs one last style check to ensure consistency throughout the document. The Chicago Manual of Style is the baseline guide for copyedit.

5. Proofread: A check of a final/galley copy of a manuscript for text errors. An editor requires a minimum of 5-days to review a manuscript of 100,000 words.

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